Thank you for requesting a reading from the tarot man. Today I am using the Intuitive Tarot for your reading;

You asked: What do I need to know about my relationship?

I got three cards from the deck:

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The Three of Discs is a card that may speak of teamwork and realisation of your dreams through hard work and cooperation. Relationships of any kind, romantic or otherwise, need to be worked at and it may be that you might have been going through a period where you are questioning the basis for your relationship. The key here, I think, is teamwork; no relationship can grow if only one person is working at it. Perhaps, this card has chose to appear in your reading to suggest that you might need to take a look at where you are right now and how you feel about that.

The Three of Rods may be seen as suggesting that travel and new horizons could be available to you if that is what you want to do. Perhaps there has been an offer of a new situation that could need one of you to relocate and you are not sure of how that would affect your relationship; but, above all, this may be seen as a card that suggests that it could be time for you to recognise your own worth and to decide if where you are now is the right place to be on an emotional level. The figure in this deck is holding an egg from which three streams of air are rising. This could suggest that you may soon be faced with choices that may bring significant change to your relationship. The egg itself, could be seen as signifying a ‘rebirth’ or the birth of a new idea or situation and the idea that there are currents rising from it could suggest that things may happen quite quickly once you have embraced the idea of change.

The Magician, to me, can be all about new beginnings and exciting times. He is from the major arcana of the tarot and he is the first card that The Fool encounters on his journey of learning and development. Perhaps this card has chose to appear to suggest that you could be at a crossroads in your life where you may have to choose between the life you know and the unknown of something that may appear exciting and fulfilling. The thing is, The Magician may also tap into any idea that you may have that you could achieve something perfect if you only had the courage to change your life. This is a difficult emotion to control and it can lead to feelings of insecurity, dissatisfaction and loss.

Taken together, it seems to me that there could be real possibilities for change in your situation; if that is really what you want. Romantic relationships must be built on truth and trust if they are to survive; but they can also require tolerance and a realisation that you are not the only one in the relationship. This is a partnership; you are part of a team, a couple and a cooperative which is something that it can be easy to forget when things don’t go as you would like.

I think that these cards could be saying that something has happened that may have caused you to question the very essence of your relationship and that this could have left you feeling vulnerable and unhappy; but I think that they may also be saying that there is light on the horizon if you could be find the ability to be rational about where you are and where you want to be. There may also be questions to be asked in terms of how you feel about your partner. Does it seem like they have ‘given up’ or that they have just ‘settled in’ to the everyday mundanity of living together? Do you think that the ‘spark’ may have died and are you afraid to discuss this for fear of what you might find out? The issue here is that all of these cards could be suggesting that you have to decide what is best for you; which is always difficult when this relates to a relationship. There seems to be great possibilities suggested by these cards; there is little or no negative aspects to them. New beginnings, new challenges, new rewards and new satisfaction and fulfilment could all be suggested by these cards; what only you can know is whether or not you can achieve these within the confines of your current relationship