Thank you for requesting a reading from the tarot man. Today I am using the Intuitive Tarot for your reading;

You asked for my majors only reading which deals with five specific topics; near past, romance, work, finances and near future.  Where the cards choose to appear in this reading is extremely important as I do not bring them together in a summary as with other readings; they are individual and relate to the specific topic.

I got five cards from the deck:


The Tower is one of the most frightening cards in the tarot; and understandably so.  But, this card is not always quite as bad as it seems; it may simply mean that you have some kind of change forced upon you that has resulted in your having to choose a different path.  Because The Tower chose to appear in this position it seems that you may already have had any changes brought to you and that you may still be trying to come to terms with what has happened.  Changes of this type can  typically be to do with, divorce, separation, loss of work or anything that has left you feeling devalued and vulnerable.  Sometimes we are already aware that our situation needs to change but we try to ignore these feelings as we simply aren't ready to deal with them.  The Universe has a way of making things happen if it feels that they should; when the Universe does get involved it usually turns out to have been necessary.  It just takes some time to understand why this ting may have happened to you.  The good news is that any dramatic changes to your life appear to have already happened and that you could now be ready to move on.


Judgement can have many meanings.  This may be a card that could suggest that you are being judged, that you may be judging others or that there needs to be some balance brought to your situation.  There can be a hint of the courtroom in this card; perhaps of legal battles resulting from the sudden changes brought about by The Tower.  Above all, it is a card that does what it says; judgement takes many forms but it is rarely suits everyone.  Because of where Judgement has chosen to appear I an inclined to think that you may be going through a hard separation which would also support the appearance of The Tower in your near past.  Judgment is not Justice, but you have both of these cards in your reading; one is more purely practical and one is more emotional.  You may accept being judged but will demand justice in the end.  Romance can mean anything from a light-hearted flirtation to the deep and all-encompassing love between mother and child; and pretty much everything in between, so this is why I have suggested separation.  Separation is not the end of the world; although it may seem so at first.  Separation can leave the door open to reconciliation and it may be that this could be where your head is at the moment; trying to judge the best course of action for yourself can be irredeemably difficult.  Being judged in a romantic or relationship sense is both demeaning and infuriating; this card may be saying that you simply have to take it on the chin; for now.


The Wheel is a card of stark contrasts.  In this deck, the wheel moves so fast that the figures are depicted as indistinct splashes of colour; almost abstract in their appearance.  This card may be seen as predicting change and exciting possibilities; but it can also suggest, as a card from the major arcana, that you may need to control any changes that could be happening in your career.  Majors have a habit of allowing the changes to happen around you if you let them.  The Wheel isn't a 'bad' card; it has the potential for being what you need it to be if you can recognise what is going on around you and react to it in a positive way.  It can be a card of great opportunity, of real excitement and of tremendous success.  No matter what is going on at work; don't just sit there and wait for the results.  Get up, get involved and make sure that you put yourself at the very centre of anything that could affect you and your future.  The Wheel can be a bit of a 'white knuckle' ride; but not everyone will fall off.  Just make certain that you hold on tightly to what you have, but do be open to the idea of change; nothing remains the same for ever these days.


Justice is a card that I often introduce as meaning that you will get what you deserve but, in reality, it just isn't that simple.  The figure of Justice holds a sword as well as the scales which could suggest battles to come before you get what is entitled for you.  Interestingly, Justice is often associated with The Wheel which could suggest that your financial security may be primarily dependent on your career choices.  There can be indications of legal processes; perhaps courtroom or tribunal, which could tie in with the situation that may be suggested by The Wheel.  It does rather suggest that there may be things happening in your work life that could affect your finances. Perhaps you have been thinking about changing what you do, about starting up your own business or even about taking time out to have a family.  Whatever you might decide, I think that you should take on boards The Wheel's suggestion to be absolutely aware of everything that is going around you.  The key here is to do what you know in your heart to be right for you.  There may be some negative impact on your finances whilst you sort yourself out but it does look like this could be temporary; justice will be served and it is most likely that you could come back from this temporary place to something altogether better.


Strength is a great card for this part of your reading as it can suggest that, whatever may be happening in your life right now, that you will have both  the emotional and the physical strength to see it through and to come out the other side stronger and better than you were to begin with. Amongst the key words for this card are self-belief, self-reliance, self-control, patience and compassion; there's a lot of 'self' in this card.  Most traditional decks show a calm scene of a woman closing the lion's mouth gently but with strength, but this card shows the woman confidently, almost arrogantly, riding the lion; without a card in the world.  This could be you if you can take on board what your other cards could be saying; be aware of what is really going on in all areas of your life, make certain that those closest to you really have your best interests at heart and try to embrace the idea of change so that you can be in control of it rather than being thrown into confusion by it.  Keep your wits about you, examine all possibilities; this card may indicate that you may be very much stronger than you think.

I hope that you find your reading useful and that it resonates with you in a good way.  I think that the changes that The Tower may suggest that anything that you may have experienced could still be having an impact on your life; perhaps you still feel 'knocked for six' by what has happened.  The good news is that it seems to me that these cards cold be reinforcing the idea that you may have come through the worst and that you could now be in a position where you can accept what has been happening, that you could be able embrace the changes that may still be going on in your life as a result and that you have the strength to conquer your emotions and move on to a better place.  Take comfort from those around you; people are, in the main, genuine and willing to help; just be sure that you choose the right people to turn to.  There isn't much in these cards that would suggest to me that you could be disadvantaged by any changes that you may have been going through; or by any other changes that may have been set in place by recent events.  Judgement and Justice could be indicating that you cold be able to look at things from a logical perspective and that you could end up getting what you deserve - in a good way.