Thank you for requesting a reading from the tarot man. Today I am using the Intuitive Tarot for your reading;

You asked: What do I need to know about my finances?

I got five cards from the deck:

The first thing to notice about these cards is that three of them are from  the major arcana; cards that bring strong influences on any reading and cards which can indicate things that may be destined to happen.  Listen to what they may be trying to say. These cards are not not be ignored; they generally appear to help you; but you need to want to be helped.

The Lovers is a card from the major arcana that may suggest partnerships in all of their forms from emotional to business and everything in between; but it can also suggest that it could be up to you to know what is best for yourself.The Lovers in this deck seem well matched; but they are set against a dark sky in which a full moon is shining.  There is a dark, hooded figure watching them but the seem oblivious to this.  The Lovers is a card that can be quite difficult to read; it may suggest that relationships are well aspected but it can also suggest that you may need to think about all parts of the relationship before becoming involved.  As an answer to your question, it would seem to me that this card could be saying that an involvement that you have been considering could work very well for you; just be certain that you have all the facts before gambling your own finances on any new partnership.

The Four of Rods is a card that seems to scream 'congratulations'. This is a card that may also represent people who may soon come into your life and who could be able to help you open up to new possibilities. It is a card that may represent the fruition of plans and dreams that could leave you settled and satisfied with your choices; but I think it may want to support the warning from The Lovers that you really do need to have ll the facts before committing to anything that could endanger your hard won savings.  I think the idea here may be, as always; if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is exactly that.

The Fool is an open book; easily read. He may be childlike with great enthusiasm for life and he may be impulsive and not afraid to rush in to situations. The Fool, above all, is about being careful to look truthfully at your options before you leap into any new situation; but he can also suggest that you may need to begin to believe in yourself and to trust your gut instincts.It seems to me that The Fool has chosen to appear to reinforce the ideas of The Lovers and the Four of Rods in relation to making certain that you know all there is to know about any new relationship involving finances,  Fool he may be; although there is some argument in that regard, but he knows where he wants to be and he takes on board any advice he can learn from throughout his journey through the major arcana.

In this deck, the 7 of Swords, on the surface, may seem to be a lovely card that can predict smooth waters along which you may travel to a bright future; but the seascape is crisscrossed and the figure looking across the water is dark and indistinct.  The swords appear to buried in two caverns; one holding five of the weapons and the other, two.  it would be easy to release these swords; just a little digging would do it.  Traditionally, interpretations of this card point to subterfuge, dishonesty and things hidden from sight and I think that this could be the strongest indication yet that you may not have all the facts you need to make an informed decision about any potential financial partnerships.

The High Priestess can represent the absolute pinnacle of feminine intuition; she also represents the unknown. Her presence here could reinforce the idea that there are things around you of which you may not be aware.  She is a woman of some resource and she is someone who screams 'trust in your self'; feminine intuition is not a figment of imagination, it is a real and honest gut feeling that can prevent you from making costly mistakes. She is also from the major arcana and, at some point, you will really need to take on board what she may be saying.

Taking all of these cards into consideration, it seems to me that any change in your finances will could be beneficial; but this really could depend on you going with your gut and making sure that any 'niggles' you may have are sorted out before you commit your hard won cash to any new schemes or projects.  There could be a suggestion that someone may soon come into your life; someone who could be in a position to help you sort out any financial misgivings and to help you onto a path that could bring you greater financial security and a more secure future. But, there may be some things to watch out for; maybe you should be careful not to simply accept what someone is offering you; this is something that The Fool may have done and that and this is why he can also carry a warning to look before you leap and to believe in yourself. The High Priestess may also be suggesting that you should trust your intuition and listen to your instincts; they won't let you down.

Any improvement in your circumstances may not be immediate; especially as the 7 of Swords could seem to be suggesting that the buried swords (or dangers) could be easily expose with just a little 'digging'. And, of course, the Four of Rods really could want you to remember that anything that seems to good to be true generally isn't true at all.

Finally, whilst these cards may all be suggesting that your finances could improve sooner rather than later they could also be seen as advising you to be very sure of what you may be being offered before accepting anything, always to trust your best instincts and always to believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid to accept advice and support from people around you, new or old, but do make sure that everyone around you is actually what they seem.  It looks as if there could be a few choices for you around 'relationships' whether with potential employers, with a new romance or with new investment opportunities; don't let your heart rule your head, always do what you truly feel is right for your and never be afraid to walk away from something that just doesn't seem right.  You should be fine.