Card Of The Day (COTD)


My card of the day for 8 January is Cilla Conway’s Page of Swords from her Intuitive Tarot.

This page very much carries on the theme that 2019 is all about communication, about new ideas and opportunities and about actions, not words.

In this deck, it seems to me that this Page of Swords is really quite androgynous, dressed in pale colours and looking very much towards their future. They hold the sword upright in front of their face and their eyes are both soft and shrewd. Pages can often appear when new beginnings are heralded but, above all, this page is about energy and the fires of passion. Swords are generally associated with the element of Air which can bring a certain intangibility to your day; perhaps even a kind of ‘wind of change’ that may bring you to new realisations and help you find your true path.

Today would be a good day to relax after the busyness of the holiday season and to gather your thoughts so that you can see what it is that you are destined to achieve if you just set your mind to it. The fires of passion are exciting and wonderful but they can also be deceptive and mesmerising.

You should not let this page fan those flames today; this is your day to reign in your excitement and to look beyond your passion to see beyond the immediate and into the long term. But this really is a good day, one that you could remember for a long while. Calm rationale is today’s key; use it wisely.